WIP tooth part of the goat WIP.

I think it’s good enough http://www.air-internet.com/~awalker/show/tooth.jpg

um… yes. a tooth, very nice i must say.
have a jolly day now

I can see not many is to excited, I know it’s dull but it’s going onto a skull, a few of them would require some justment.

Congradulations on a great, um, tooth. You’ll go far with that. Can we see some more of, you know, the area surrounding the tooth, like the mouth or face?

WOW :o that is the best model of a tooth i have EVER seen, this is amazing, a tooth, would you believe that a tooth can be so damn well modeled…wow…a tooth


This message contains a lot of sarcasm, read at your own risk

don’t look like tooth. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a goat tooth

This post makes me look like a dentist. :expressionless:

Wow! That’s better than Bender’s feet that I modeled!

actually that’s a fairly accurate representation of what the tooth of a grazing animal looks like. nicely done al.