WIP - Tristram Church

here is an attemp to make a scene with the church of tristram from the video game Diablo.

I work on it for something like one hour.

Sorry for my hugly english.


Looks nice!

Awesome! Are you doing it just for fun or does this have another purpose?

this is just for fun, i have to improve my skills in blender.

an update after one other hour of work


the overall shape is near finished, now i will add some details. If you got some critics, they are welcome.


some work on the front walls. Yes i wanna modelise all the bricks.


How are you gonna model all the brigs? One by one, or do you have a beter way?
Good work btw, keep going! :slight_smile:

how did i make bricks :

now scale the size of the extruded region and move along Y axis. Repeat this on all your bricks

Phew! That is gonna take some time! But great model anyway, and I too think that it’ll look much better with bricks

Oh yes, it is really long to do all the bricks. I have to finish 4 or 6 walls and walls will be ok.
The good news is : I wanna make the roof tiles too.


C&C are welcome. Sorry for not saying more on my work but my english is really too ugly.

Could you share your technique on how you did those bricks on the walls?

i post few images two post before. I just subsurf the wall.

Really nice, but I think you should make the roof higher. And some textures!:stuck_out_tongue:

I dig it. Nice walls!

i didn’t make the roof. I have to know how to make the tiles.

Wow, LEVEL UP!! new technique, I like it, very good idea, although i think that perhaps that python script on wall building might be faster. Find it in the Blender art mags, can’t remember which one though.

Diablo was one of the best games ever.

Well, his method is actually pretty fast considering that he’s not modeling each individual wall segment. Once you get one done, you replicate it to every other piece of wall that shares its characteristics. I count three, maybe four different patterns. It looks good and it doesn’t take too long. Great technique!

It looks like there is sort of a point at the top of the domeish thing (see image), and it looks like it should be more ‘flat’