WIP, tutorial of Jeanne d'Arc

This is another work in progress. My first attempt at modelling a full body.
I followed Michel Roger’s tutorial
( http://www.3dtotal.com/ffa/tutorials/max/joanofarc/joanmenu.asp )
and this is the current result :


Pretty good, but I believe you have a belly button artifact. :wink: Looks like there is a little kink in there somewhere too. Probably what’s causing the artifact. I have considered doing this tutorial myself, as the geometry of the model is quite good, but until recently, Blender didn’t have the tools to do it per the instructions. Now that we have them though, I think I just may.

Looks very good indeed. Can we see a front view, so we can have a lok at the topology a little better?


This is face & back. I adjusted the view lens to 50mm as the default 35mm distords the image a little bit.
This is more than 10 hours of work… :-?



Her head looks a little bit to big. Other than that, great model. Looking forward to see some updates! :slight_smile:

hehe, well, the head in the tutorial is too big as well. :wink:

Looking good OldLink. Keep up with it.


Modron, Jerri, BgDM,

thanks for your comments, this helps. I also noticed that the head of the tutorial was too big, and I already reduced mine a bit, but not enough, lol.

I think this is better now. However, I went back to work after a two weeks vacation, so I won’t work with Blender as regularly as I did these past two week :frowning: .

I’ll try to do a little every evening…



Great job deciphering the tute. The model looks great. It’s hard to translate anatomy from a drawing into blender, for me at least. You have inspired me.

stupid question: How do you guys render this way? The black wireframe with shaded faces?

There are 4 different regular viewing modes. That one is called ‘shaded’ mode. They can all be accessed from the buttons on the header directly beneath your 3D window. To get the wireframe to show, Click the button with the three arrows on it ( on the header as well ) then from that button screen, click on ‘wire’.

Thanks Forcefield. I also thought it would be very difficult, but I gave it a try. It’s not easy, but do-able. The most difficult will be to re-do it on another model without tutorial… lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually, the more you do it, even without a tutorial, it becomes easier and easier to do. Just make sure you keep following simple edgeloop procedures and you will have no problems in the future.

Great work on this. Just keep it up.


And, it sometimes helps to have more than one way to do it. I can’t get to the Joan tutorial at the moment, net problems on my end.
However, from the results above (which is pretty good job there oldlink - I’m still afraid to try! :-? ) it looks to me like there’s another good tutorial to work on, and may be even more detailed.
See http://cal.jmu.edu/ratner/tutorials/
It is from an interesting book, 2 chapters, very detailed, about 50 printed pages. Includes some musclular and skeletal references pictures to compare with, etc. It looks pretty general in terms of applications, uses subsurfaces and Blender has a knife now. I think that’s all it needs.