WIP - Tweety Bird

(surreal_33) #1

been working on this for a couple days now

oh yeah and this watch
http://www.geocities.com/blue_3d_dog/screengrab2.gif warning 1280x1024 rez

(surreal_33) #2


Added eye texture, and simple FK bones :slight_smile:

(stephen2002) #3

I don’t know. I thought that Tweetys middle was more round instead of flat like that.

Good start though.

(Goo) #4

Tweety is a bit rounder all over. Your Tweety looks a bit like it was run over by a steam roller :wink: Of course this could be what you wanted… Very nice work though. I like the blocks.


(blengine) #5

great job, yeah, hes a lil flat, but great overall…the legs are the best part i think, and great lighting by the way…a lil flat is easy to fix, just pull verts with prop vert editing on. =) ack… good pics

(valarking) #6

very cool, it’d look AWESOME with some well done cel-shading.

(rndrdbrian) #7

I like the last image, very well lit & rendered.

Mind you, I’m sure Tweety is a little fatter…

Still, nice image. Are you going to animate the bird?


(djfuego) #8

:smiley: I made a tweety from a real model
Check out my web page