WIP - UAV-Like drone

It’s a spin off of the predator drone; perhaps a tad disproportionate in some ways. I’m still trying to figure out what else needs to be added to make it a ‘complete’ UAV and if something is making it appear way off (I’m not necessarily shooting for utmost photorealism…at the moment, though).



Six weapon hardpoints, somewhat OP for something around the size of predator drone?

Looks like an interesting start. You could maybe make the tail look a little better, something feels off about it, maybe the fins are too small. Is this going to have a turbine engine or prop?

Tail stabilizers are way too small
Also the predator has a Y tail. Get a few reference images to help you out.


Your wings don’t have any camber. This wouldn’t be able to fly. Remember that the aircraft needs to have flaps on the wings, including the tail.

Made changes to the drone - Slightly swept back the front wings, tails are now in a Y (albeit an upsidedown Y, but should still work) and a bit longer; made it a turboprop propelled drone; added propellers (probably should adjust the number of propellers a bit).

Lots of pics of UAV’s to google…

Speaking of which, flaps and cambering are on the todo list but any ideas on how to add a bomb door to aircraft (for retractable landing gear and weapons)? I know predator drones don’t usually have them but I’m just thinking a little out the box.

Getting there with modeling…finally got flaps, a camera, landing gear, and other miscellanaes things.

Top view with landing gear out

Bottom view with gear out:

Bottom view again but with gear retracted:

Anything significant I should change before I go on materials and textures with this?

I say decrease the number of blades to 3, and make the vertical stabilizer a bit “fancier”. Looks out of place atm.

Just like you said already, you could stand to take a couple blades off your prop. If you like the look of having that many blades maybe you could make it a dual prop like the props on those weird russian helos that don’t have tail rotors.

Anyway, looks like you did a really good job on this. It makes me wonder though, since you’re not trying to exactly model any particular existing drone, why not go one step further and come up with your own unique drone concept with it’s own look? Maybe like a next gen/borderline sci-fi concept.

I’ll work on the blades and stabilizer.

And I should have explained this earlier; the point of this (as guessed) is to create a next gen UAV but only one that’s 1-10 years ahead or just a tad bit beyond now. When I first had the idea, I basically asked “What if they made another drone for the MQ series the next year or few years?” (you know…the series of drones including the predator, reaper, and global hawk). So that explains the idea.

Now, I got quite a bit to work on…

Sounds like a cool idea. I would like to suggest though, just something to make it slightly more distinct (I don’t know what). Because to someone who’s not familiar with the actual drones, it’d probably be indistinguishable as is. People might think it’s just a 3d model of an existing drone and not get the chance to appreciate it as a concept…

Definitely adjusted the number of blades; beefed up the wings; making it look more different, still thinking on that; making the vertical stabilizer “fancy”, not sure how at the moment…

Tried a few expirements with lighting as well

I love the lighting, it looks awesome!

Some ideas to distinguish it: These things aren’t made to maneuver, just cruise/loiter for extended periods. So to make it different maybe shorten the wings and make them broader to make it look viable as a maneuverable drone with genuine “fighter” capabilities?

Also something I think they should actually do with the drones asap is add a gun like the 25mm autocannon on the Apache gunships…
If you do that I would mount it right under where the wings attache the the fuselage for balance. If you put it in front like on the apache this thing would look too front heavy…

ETA: I think the stabilizer looks good as is…

Good suggestions there - I’m already working on an autocannon for it and I’ve started from the ammunition for it.

However, there’s still quite a lot off with it; especially the color of the brass…

OK - now I think I have the ammunition down and OG, it’s practically the peak of my knowledge of materials

Sorry if I’m a little sidetracked on the ammo and gun…

Most bullets are copper on the outside, right? Or are they mostly brass on the outside?


Though make the texture a bit more subtle then he does in the tutorial, unless you want a insane weathered feel.


Yeah, bullets usually have a copper metal jacket. I’ve never heard of any that use brass that’s the shell casing, although I have seen other materials used on larger ammunition. What caliber are these supposed to be?

They look pretty good, although they may be a little bit too reflective. Brass can be a lot more reflective than that if polished, but generally people don’t waste their time shining shell casings… not even in the military if you can believe that haha!

I’d recommend you paint the tips of the bullets for authenticity. The military dips the tips of the bullets in different colored paints to indicate what type of rounds they are. I know green paint indicates armor piercing rounds, and then I think black is explosive and red is for tracers. I’m sure you can look it up online to make sure. Anyway, usually machine guns are loaded with a mixture of many different types of rounds in a chain of ammo. Usually they have 1 tracer for ever 5 other types of round (i think, and that’s depending on the rate of fire of the weapon, the higher the ROF the less tracers are needed), then the other types will be mixed in at different rates.

Also, awesome! I didn’t think you’d go for mounting a gun on it!

And I also made some really big changes to the drone itself - it’s now made for a better supportive role like AC-130’s and A-10 thunderbolts (from which I derived some ideas from); it’s much more beefy and bulky except for the landing gear which I probably need to fix; there are now three engines and two external fuel tanks and the mounted gun is there are as a rough model

BTW - the whole thing is a lot bigger (The wingspan is about 75 feet)

OH! You did fancy up that tail didn’t you?

That’s a really interesting configuration with the pusher prop and pullers, never seen it before! So that hole in the nose is a cannon???

So I know the gunmount is preliminary but just wanted to point out it looks a little front heavy there. Before I imagined it’d be best placed right in the middle of where the wings meet the fuselage. But now with the cannon I imagine it would run much of the length of the aircraft and put a lot of weight into the back so maybe the gun could be shifted forward to where the center of it’s mount lined up with the leading edge of the wings.

And yeah, you do gotta beef up that landing gear haha!

I think for shorter missions you could replace those external fuel tanks with heavy bombs! And lighter missiles outside the turboprops obviously.

It looks scary as fuck!

Don’t forget you’re going to need that imaging array dome thing at some point. That’ll probably be what you have to put at the very front underside. It’ll be cool to see the camera tracking around and the gun swiveling around perfectly synchronized with it!