WIP - Undefined human (Nudity)

Okay i decided its time to learn model human features and so i started following once certain tutorial only to find that my knoweledge of edgeloops was far beyond it. So i just did some research on general “human proportions” and stuff and here is the head as it is now.

Rememeber check out the last post before commenting. I dont use attached pictures and the image bellow might be something … something…


Now the texture in it is just straight flat mapped face of one of the reference pictures i used. So dont mind about it really at the moment, its there just to give some idea what it “looks like”. I know everyone wants to see the edgelooping, but i assure you there is nothing intresting there. Its just the basic deal. I might post topology shot later on.

The point of this whole thing is to model believable human character (i’ve never done that before), so i am learning as i go.

ps. The eyes are placeholders from my previous wannabe human model, so dont mind about them either.

This could be the texture, but you have NASTY normals on the forehead! Try selecting the bad ones and flipping the normals, it could help, but like I ALWAYS say, I could be wrong. I like it though! The proportions are all humanoid, but humans don’t have set proportions. Just maybe scale the lips down, they’re a bit big. Other than that, great texturing!

Word of advice- to make it more convincing- Map Nor to your eyebrows to make them ‘pop’ out of the skin. You can do this by making your eyebrows white and the rest of the image black, so you can make it a heightmap.

Just remember to clean up the mesh. And I’m aching to see a wireframe.

%btw-Creatures on your blog are pretty crazy!

Thanks for the tips noobxoxoxroxor… . Umm but the as i said earlier in the original message. The texture is just slapped flat UV on there, and the “flipped” normals you talk about are actually just horribly streched UV parts. And i dont really care at this moment if they are there. Also i dont intent to use this texture as the final one. This one is just for “preview” purposes and will be changed when i get to that part.

And thanks for the blog comment. Its nice to know someone actually visits my cradle of art.

Ok ok ok. But I’d rather see the mesh and not the texture if it’s screwed up- so check out this video for showing all the nooks and cracks in your model. I used it for my Alien-Malus WIP.

Yea- the things on your blog are pretty weird, but I love 'em.

Hehe - Noobxoxoxoxxoxr-[story behind the name- I was still into white-hat hacking when i made this account, but you absolutely have to have NO life to be a hacker. So here I am in CG. :smiley:

head looks pretty awesome. I am going to have to start learning that soon…

Hehe, well good that atleast someone does.

Yeah i was just being lazy… :S nothing personal.

Anyway back ontopic, here is image rendered of the newly formed upper torso rendered in somewhat similar manner than the “showing off” thingy… Well very much similar manner.


Yeah i know the boobies are bit crooked at the moment, but i am working on the details. And stuff…

Yeah thats what i am doing with this model. :slight_smile:

Very nice model,

Not a lot I can say as I am yet to do my first human figure…

But from my deep knowledge of Pr0n comes this… I think her cheek bones are too hard, the jaw bone near her ear is much too define, and the jaw itself looks a little too tick or too “male”.

I wont start on the breasts, as I could spend paragraph upon paragraph and then people will call me a perv :slight_smile: lol

Nice work and good luck :slight_smile:

It’s kind of hard to judge proportions and stuff from the perspective you show. Could you show some orthos front and side to accompany the 3/4 view?

I’ll try to remember post some ortho pics once i make next update.

Could be that it is in perspective but the head looks too big for the torso (or vice versa.) Head looks pretty masculine as well. I think a rounder chin and smaller nose and maybe slender neck would help that. And maybe rounder eyes.

After trillion alterations and edits and stuff i think i am getting closer what i am looking. For as you might have noticed the picture up there in the first post has been updated and it now has placeholder eyebrowns and slashes. Without them i noticed that no matter how femine face it stil llooked like man.

Oh and added placeholder hair too.

Now, yes it still need another trillion tweaks and edits. but slowly getting there.

Now also the body has been updated… enjoy…

And now it has legs… The main bulk of the body is coming nicely together.


And in above post we see crude textured test render of the model with simple skin shader. Concentrate on the shape for now. The texture is just slapped there to give idea what it will look like someday.

The proportions still seem off to me still. I think if you elongate the body and scale it up a bit that would help. The next also seems to be pretty long. It is looking pretty good though.