WIP Vacation House

Hi guys. This is my WIP and I’m striving for photo realism but I’m just not satisfied as it looks now.

I’m looking for feedback as to how to make this scene more beliveable, what works and what doesn’t work in this scene.

Any help is greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

The lounge area at the right of the patio just doesn’t look right to me but I don’t really now why. The window frame gets really blown out from the sun in the hdr-map and I would like them to be darker.

The backdrop was just something I threw in at the last minute.



Nice job olle, I think it’s almost ready. You need only some modifications. There is some noise on the shelter shadow. You can add some extra dirt on the house and the wood balcony and stairs, like u did on the exterior rock column. Some leaves might help on the grass and the balcony. On the lounge area you can add some bump on the sofa or sculpting them might help, adding some magazine, bottles or glasses on the table is something you can add.

Add clouds to the sky and maybe birds. It is archi rendering “cliché”, but it adds life to you render.

Really good tips, thanks alot!

Looks good to start. I would add some dirt on the bottom right side of the house because the wall looks too clean, also maybe add a hose or something. The window frames look too wide and The couch on the patio does not have enough space. I would add a different piece of furniture. The grass looks good but I realized there are no leaves on the grass. Otherwise it looks good.