[WIP] Vehicle generator

I started playing around with an idea for an add-on that helps to make passenger cars…is this something that people might be interested in, or find useful? The goal is to produce well-proportioned vehicles that you could then customize. Rather than starting from scratch you’d have a decent (but generic) base and you could focus on the creative aspects. Currently I have some presets for a “luxury sedan”, “mid-engine sports car”, etc., and they’re based on wheel sizes, since most car proportions are related to the wheels. The tires are based on the standard US tire sizes (like 215/65R17).

Thoughts? Is this interesting and worth continuing? Is creating a vehicle based on numeric proportions too weird and foreign vs. modeling with curves?


Is this sort of like all those human base meshes, but for cars? Sounds like a good idea. Would it be for low poly?

hmm, hadn’t thought of the low poly part. I was thinking high-poly, like for designers. But yes, basically like the human generators, except for vehicles.

how can we get this addon

Hi germa,

Since I didn’t get a huge response, I stopped working on it. I may come back to it because I think it’s still interesting, but for now it’s on hold. I’ll be sure to post it here if I finish it more.

I also wondered if geometry nodes might work better than what I’m doing here but I haven’t had time to explore that.


Thanks for the reply , i will suggest you should release the addon as beta version, people can try it and may be come with few suggestion which can be useful for further development, this is the best plugin I have come across, specially for easy modeling. a suggestion on my own part was you can look at the building tools addon, some basic features are the head lights, tail lights , car bumper etc, tyres are common, they can have common mesh.