WIP : walking around/ where is the root bone supposed to go?

I’m just curious on where the proper place for the root bone. it’s currently to the left of the scene and it just stays there. it’s pretty far away too.

also, here’s the animation to critique. I’m trying to animate the feet last and to a hold keyframe on the IK positions.


basically, just trying to hold the feet in their positions.

Also, is there a work around in 2.57 for the stride bone or are holding keys the only option?

Root of the character rig, should stay in one place. You can hide it and animate the character without using it. About animation, honestly - there is nothing to critique…

First of all if I have understood correctly the body parts are being animated separately? I would suggest ditching that as a workflow and working with keyframes (in the traditonal sense) , i.e. poses that will tell you where movements start and stop. At present there are no clear poses, lines of action, and the whole thing is very floaty…

I would also suggest putting “walk cycle” into google and checking out one of the tutorials that come up. Start with getting a good polished walkcycle, then you can build on it and start bringing in turns etc. I’d also recommend spending a bit of time learning about the 12 principles of animation, they are still quite applicable, and if you’re not aware of them it is likely to make any attempt at animation exceptionally challenging.

Keep animating, like any art-form it’s a case of getting in massive amounts of practise… Good luck.