(WIP) We are centered

(Kappa) #1

a Work in Progress no doubt… just thought i would post it up…


may have to copy and paste…


(blengine) #2

whoa cool scene…i love the wires everywhere, i love wires

(belac) #3

nice scene

(pofo) #4

Dear GeoCities Members and Visitors,

We are presently performing scheduled system maintenance

:x I wanted to see!

Oh well, I’ll just have to wait.

  1. pofo

(Kappa) #5

its no longer under maintenance… geocities is not cool at all

(Kappa) #6

NOW it works… I fucked tings up… my bad ya’ll.



(pofo) #7

Cool scene, me likes.

But what is it?

  1. pofo

(S68) #8

Cute :slight_smile:

BTW: Kib has splitted the IMT forum into two separate forum, one for WIPs and one for Finished masterpieces. Since this is a WIP (you wrote it) it should have been posted in the WIP forum, not here :smiley:

just a reminder :slight_smile:


(sten) #9

well, for me it is kind of abstract pic and it is nice,
but as S68 says… WIP is splitted to another forum now…(reminder again)


(Kappa) #10

yes i know, but when i originally posted the pic the forum was not split into 2 areas as yet…