WIP - Web Header

For awhile now I’ve been using the same header that came with my wordpress template, so I figured I wanted to change it, especially since I had my nifty logo lying around in AI format. So I imported the logo and made a pretty field. Have a looksee and tell me what you guys think so far.

TODO: Add a tree, pond, fence (barbed wire), and some flowers. I may turn the center into a path, though I haven’t decided yet. I do wonder what to do with the logo, since it’s not unwrapped, it’s only lying there with a chrome texture to it.

Click for full size

looking good, i would suggest making the logo have a rock texture and put it upright

I had that first of all, but I was wondering if it’d look odd or not cuz the objects would be free floating.

the grass looks strange, although I can’t say exactly what’s wrong.

I think it looks nice, however I think the grass hill thing on the left looks a bit odd with all those ridges

The hill to the left will look more realistic when I add the fence posts, those ridges are because of like erosion. Then again, I may lower them abit, they do look a little high.

I see now. but what on earth is That Thing in the left corner?