WIP Wedding rings ,please advice

Hi my brother is getting married so i made a nice image for him
and i need more ideas what to add/change

cause i feel that something is missing

please say anything that you have in mind , i need every opinion

thank you

here is what i got so far


Looks good. Maybe a bit too yellow.

I would raise the subsurf level on the box too.

there is no subserf i should try with one
or add more details ,
so it will be totally round in the corners

more pleaseeee
things the will be added to the image and be nice ?

Maybe you could put some sort of flower arrangement in the background… with really small flowers :slight_smile:

Perhaps a picture frame with the two lovers.

i would suggest adding something that is personal and meaningful to your brother (and to your new sister-in-law…) if your making it especially for him make it unmistakably “for him; from you.”

I like what you have so far a lot, no critiques/complaints so far.

wow thank you good tips

its for him and her :slight_smile:
so i need to think of something that unique them

and one i can think of is to make the ring a bit sinking on the leather
fit the it more realistic

i am trying to do the flowers now

more please .

you need to put the box / rings on something like a table
i mean it does not float on a cloud or may be it does!

some roses around may be

a nice dove flying around

use your imagination function of the traditions in your countrie
that migth work better i guess

good luck

it will work as well.
i didnt have in mind the flowers before or the dove :slight_smile:

its like a brain storming ,
it’s really cool to add something the people is expecting to see

more ideas , anything that come in mind :slight_smile:

Don’t add too much stuff, if you do it will just look like a pile of junk in the end.

Have the rings as the main thing in the scene, and one or two more things to complement them.

thank you u right

what about the background , for now its just an HDR image in the world to give the rings that effect
what can i do with that

Can you show us what you have done since the first pictures?

i just modeling a flower right now
looking for a petal texture

Ok, that looks good. Do some greenery as well, twigs, leafs and stuff. If you leave the flowers slightly out of focus, you won’t have to put too much work on them.

You could fill the entire background with flowers, then you won’t have to bother with a background image.

yes i like it :slight_smile:
i am thinking about two options for flower
the purple flower
or white flower like this

or maybe both

also what is the name/type of the flower ?
it will be much more easier to search texture for it

You could have both. Just change the colour of the one you made.

And these flowers are called roses.

well i am not expert in flower but a friend said that thous are not roses :slight_smile:
they are also roses ?

I’m no botanist either, but they look very much like roses to me.

to me also .
she saied that they are a bit different , well it dose not really matter
roses can do the job
in the image they got very nice color , a bit white on the edges .

well i think i have some roses by home ,or some nice flowers
ill take my camera and make some textures and will post here again :slight_smile:
its hard to find petal images that they are free

well if you cant ake close up pic of petals you cold use theses as UV map
for your flowers

and there are no copyright here

but not certain if UV can be use in YAFARAy ?

but if yo can shape it and map it to the petal it should work fine