WIP : what should i call this motha ?

(bmax) #1

Hi folks,

I recently made this lil’ model of a creature… [dunno what to call him], tell me if you like him or not, rip him into shreds, do whatever you like ! [be brutal 8) ]

Cliquez ici! (french 8) ) or Kliknij tutaj! (polish :stuck_out_tongue: )

aah… btw: this is my first successful [now dont make fun] attempt @ organic modelling. I am fourteen years of age [and a half].


(acasto) #2

Not bad depending on what it’s supposed to be. If it’s just an organic creature like an alien then it’s pretty good.

Try and add some eyes to give it a little life.

Also, there are some edges (like the diamonds around the eyes), that look a little two inorganic.

Great for first time though, keep up the good work

(bmax) #3

Thanx for the feedback!!

I know there are some mistakes and artifacts in the model, but it’s a WIP, so be patient, there will be something better soon… [hopefully :wink: ]

Bare with me,

(SKPjason) #4

I really like this model… Tho as ytou said there were some artifacts and such that should be smoothed out… overall I think you got a great design coming along…

The eyes seem to have the capacity to be quite expressive… and I really think the clincher is the beak-like mouth… very interesting…

I’d love to see this work as you progress…

My only suggestion… and it’s just a personal thought… not an artistic one (i suck artistically anyway :wink: those rounded blobs on the stalks at either end of the “head” - maybe you could rotate them so that they lay flat and blob-like on the floor… like feet… tho maybe this will make the creature too much of a fat squat thing…

Anyway… great work… please keep us in the loop as you progress…

:smiley: Jason

(Ulli) #5