WIP: "witching hour"-a ghostly animated short-preview images


I’ve been working with Blender for 7 months now. This WIP is my 2nd large project.

I don’t have an animation yet, but I wanted to post some still images to get some feedback on my materials/lighting/visual effects before I render for a week.

I began this project upon request by my twin 8-yr-old daughters, thinking it would be a great way to pull myself further into Blender’s functionality. It sure has!

Keep in mind, as a Blender fanboy, I want to keep this ENTIRE project exclusively in Blender. This strange habit started when I was young…I would see just how awesome I could carve a piece of wood using nothing but a boy-scout knife…I hope you get my point.

With that said, know that ALL of the materials/textures are Blender internal. Rendering/even post production will be done exclusively in Blender.

I would love some suggestions on improving the appearance of my lighting, textures, etc. keeping true to the fact that I am limited to what Blender provides me.

Explanation: You are looking through the eyes of a little girl, who’s just stayed up too late reading ghost stories. Strange things happen…


Cool… it looks awesome. But should the ghost be reflected in the mirror? Usually those critters don’t show up in reflections(or is that just vampires?)

lol! I fought with that one myself. First, I had it set so you could see the whole ghost, then I made it invisible to the mirror, then I just made the cloak visible. I really don’t know!

I guess I’ll carry a mirror so’s I can whip it out the “next time” I sees one m’self! :smiley:

I’ll be updating those images here soon, there’s a lot more detail to the surroundings now, but I have to finish rendering them…

looks good.
you may want to try the auto linear workflow in blender 2.5 :yes:

Whats the auto linear workflow?

And I love the use of the explode modifier, usually it doesn’t turn out looking so great.

Yea, what is auto linear workflow?? Does it tell you what to do next er something? I really needed something like that with this project!

I spent 2 weeks working out the fluidity of the hair and cloak movement (physics), then I spent a week meshing the face and learning shape keys. Heck I was a month into it before I began storyboarding it. My workflow zigged, zagged, yawed, pitched, and wound up in a full gimbal roll. Workflow, flow at all would have been nice!

automatic linear workflow means it applies gamma correction automatically to the input textures and colors, and to the output render.
linear workflow is this
2.5 does all that for you. (except calibrating your monitor)
so no, it doesn’t tell you what to do next. that would fall in the same category as the perfect render button. :slight_smile:

wow, I never would have thought that’s what it meant. Cool tho! Turns out my monitor is set up quite well, but I still learned a lot from your link.

Knowing that Blender 2.5 is so close is driving me nuts, it’s like a kid with christmas.

Here’s another render with some improvements on the environment.

Since the oil lamp is the only real light source in the room, it is supposed to be dim, but is it too dim? Are my colors too muted?


the oil lamp?
i see light from the ghost, but not the lamp. :wink:
try making a render without the ghost and it’s respective light, and then adding the ghost in.
i would say you could make your lighting colors have much more contrast.
also, maybe look at Matt Ebb’s lighting/shading reel
i think that most people could learn a lot about what looks good from that reel. (especially me)
remember, this is your work, you have artistic license. :yes:

Holy crap, that Matt Ebb, he’s got some talent!

Tee hee! Yep, I added an oil lamp to the vanity behind the ghost but it’s not lit. I meant the one on the night table to the left of the view in that last screen shot. You can see it in the top (first) set of pictures. However, you pointed something out to me…I do have a subtle blue light from the ghost and it looks funny to me now. I think that my materials used in the ghost need more emissive properties if it’s going to give off light or “glow” that much.

And after looking at Mr. Ebb’s work, I think you’re absolutely right. I can stand to add a lot more color to the lighting.

I really did need a fresh eye on these pictures, I’ve been working on this for over a month, and I know I’m not seeing what other people see anymore. You’re proving to be quite helpful, Spacetug, you rock!

And by the way, DividedSpleen, thanks to you too for the comments! Your words are encouraging. :smiley: