[WIP] Wizard's house

Hi everyone!

Here’s another personal proyect that I’m currently working. For this I try to change the style and make a detailed handpainted style with a lowpoly budget.
I Hope you like it. Feel free to coment :wink:


Cool ! Really like the hand-painted wood and stones
I feel like the highlights on those beams on the roof are a bit too high though

Thanks for the point @Garthpand
You’re right… Blender erases my autosmooth values and put the default 30º…why, Blender, why?! ¬¬’

Here’s the mill. I designed it for two coaxial counter-rotative drive shafts (six blades) but finally I decided une a single drive shaft and 5 blades. The first one looks too fantasy-punk.
Feedback is welcome!

I hope you like it!


Finished the fliying lights!. I made some runes in the rock, with emissive material, so can glow in the night :wink:
I hope you like it

Hi there!,

Next asset finished: the well. Feel free to comment
I hope you like it!

Finally finished!
I hope you like it!