WIP - wood house for short movie

hi there,

currently im texturing a wood house for a short movie im currently doing.
This is what i’ve got so far. The windows are not textured yet.
Want to place this house into a sunset scene with lots of grass etc.
Long way to go… :slight_smile:

C&C very welcome !!



looks good only crit would be the chimney

thanx for commenting !
yeah, the chimney look a little blocky so that one can easily see
that the rocks are a texture… will work on it :wink:

Just try to bumpmap it :wink:

hi botschi !
Thanx for viewing !
there is already a bump map on it, maybe the effect is not strong enough… have to tweak it a bit. The bump maps will all be reworked…

Great House, Im trying a similar thing. However, a picky point is if you have a wooden house, stone chimneys usually are at the end of the house from which the joists and beams run 90 degrees, otherwisw a tin chimney or some less dense material would be used. Still an inspiring model though! cant wait to see more!

Maybe that’s the thing that always bothers me when i look at the model.
A thinner, round chimney made out of rusty sheet metal would fit better…
I’ll consider this, thanx, DokMok:)


Yeah, a stone chimney that size would have a fireplace underneath taking up most of the room in the house. A thin tube coming from a cast iron pot bellied stove would be more appropriate. Don’t forget the metal flashing around the chimney where it comes through the roof.

Hey, Orinoco,
thanx for commenting! And yeah, guess you’re right… didn’t think about
the position of the fireplace the chimney belongs to ;-). It would have to be right in the middle of the room…
I really think i should change this… Didn’t do much modelling in the last
weeks and i guess it’s fun to model the iron tove :smiley:

DokMok, Orinoco and everybody else who follows this thread,
would it be ok for you if i’d ask you to please post your appreciated
comments on the house into my new thread
Animated Short - WIP
instead of this one? I’m currently trying to merge all the WIPs that belong to the movie into one thread…Thank you very, very much !!!