WIP: Xbox console (update 11/1 on pg. 2)

I just bought an xbox this saturday, and after playing it for nearly 24 hours, I needed a break… so I decided to model the thing.

3.5 hours modelling

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I still need to do some finishing work on the box. Then I’ll start on the controllers and possibly a TV or game to go with it.


Looks good, but sounds like what you really need is to go outside :stuck_out_tongue: LOL

I really like it, lots of detail… is it one mesh, or did you do all the little bump things as a different mesh? if its one mesh, that must be pretty complicated. can we see a wire?

that looks great i think it is very cool but i would like to see a wire.
Xbox is written on the disc tray too btw.

you should only use the best Xbox game for it, Halo.

Finished modelling the box, added some materials. Currently the model is around 20,000 verts (with subsurf). I’m starting on the controllers now, and just realizing how hard they are going to be to make.

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The Wireframe:

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Any suggestions for making it better?


amazing! that is really sweeeeeeet! cant wait to see the controllers!!

Awsome Job!! :stuck_out_tongue: That looks dead on to the real X BOx. Cant wait to see how the controllers come out and everthing.


Whoa! I thought that was a photo! :o
Very nice work, I too eagerly await those controllers… :slight_smile:

That has too be one of the best photo realisitic renders i’ve seen :o

Wow! Excellent modeling. I really like the wireframe version.

I own an XBOX. It is a great system. I am looking forward to Halo 2. There should be a Halo WC.

I like how that wireframe looks, and the model itself is exceptional. The only thing that I still don’t get, is why buy an XBox, if you already own a computer? They’re basically the same thing! (In case you can’t tell, I’m anti-XBox… PS2 all the way!)

that looks absolutely awesome.
one minor thing is that the power button is too small and the open button needs the little symbol on it if you were going for perfect.

It could definetly pass for the real thing…

I agree.




I’ll increase the size of the power button on my next render. Hopefully my next update will also have the controllers finished and possibly a game / TV / other accessory?

Oh, and the reason I bought an xbox is because my computer is too slow to run any video games :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, and the reason I bought an xbox is because my computer is too slow to run any video games

I decided to buy a console for the same reason. My computer became too slow and I was tired of upgrading in order to keep up. IMHO the life span for a console is about 60 months, but a computer systems gaming lifespan is between 18 and 36 months.

Wow, I honestly thought that was a reference picture. Great job, look forward to seeing it finished up!


Finally got some time to work on it this weekend. Progress is slow, but still going. After a few hours of blending, this is what I accomplished.

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man that’s awesome !!!

i thought that the xbox was a link to a picture n the xbox website !!! :o

i’m really impressed !!!

wow. I’m speechless. 8)

nice, clean and good detailing - i like it !