WIP: YAR (Yet Another Robot)

I’m working on a CG robot in my spare time (left over from the summer DvR contest) using Blender. Eventually, I’d like to composite it with some live footage, but that’s a way’s off.

Here’s some of my early work on it. Currently, I’m pretty happy with the overall shape of things except the pelvis. I think it’ll work functionally, but I’d like to have a better form. I think I may add a lip/edge around the whole thing (up towards the torso) to help define and contain the hydraulics and cables.

I’m also debating how detailed to go on drivey bits (cables, fiber muscles, hydraulics, etc.) for the arms and legs. My original thought was that they’d be driven by internal gears. One, I want to keep the design fairly simple. Two, I don’t want to have to rig a crazy amount of moving parts or worry about things getting pinched if I want to hyper extend his elbow for some reason. I have to play around with it a bit more.

WIP-Bot-January 6 by Galaxy 12, on Flickr

Yes the pelvis definately needs some work but other than that, good job… I also reckon that a few greebles and bolts will help him to look more robotic.

EDIT: Here I found you some reference, it may help with the pelvis…


Oooh. Very nice reference. Thank you very much (and for the compliments). I’ve started each session with a search on the web and keep coming up with the same takes on a mecha rotational joint.

The first one is particularly nice.

I’m holding off on too many bolts and what-nots until I finish blocking in the main bits. I also want to see what I can do with textures for the details.

Thanks again for the great reference. I put in some time trying out a number of things, and came up with this. Lot’s more refining and detail to go, but I’m considerably more happy with it. It fits the design much better and looks far less of a formless blob.

WIP-Bot-Pelvis by Galaxy 12, on Flickr

You can follow my progress at www.galaxy12.com

Here’s some more stills from where I’m at:

The hand is currently my favorite part:

I’m still a little torn on where to go with the head. I want to keep it simple, but I’d also like to add some more detail to connect it to the “real” world.
WIP-Head by Galaxy 12, on Flickr

I’m ALMOST done with the UV layout. Just about time to move on to materials and textures. Soon rigging, animating and compositing tests!

by Galaxy 12, on Flickr

I like the 50s toaster look you’ve got going on with his head. In fact, the whole model has a great retro-futuristic look.

One suggestion - his arms look short. When my arms hang by my sides, the elbows just about reach the top of my pelvis. On your guy they look to be around the bottom of his rib cage. The forearms look a little short too. I know robots don’t have to match the exact dimensions of people but when you have a design this humanoid, things like that stand out.

Thanks for the compliments and suggestion! It’s gratifying to hear that the look I was going for comes across without having to be told (retro-futuristic). It’s ultimately going to be a helper for an aging mad scientist.

As far as the arm length, the photo may be skewing the perspective a bit, but I modeled its proportions on a human skeleton. I couldn’t find any that had their elbows close to their pelvis, but instead were much closer to the bottom of the rib cage. It may be just a touch short of that from this perspective, or the odd bulk areas may be further enhancing the smaller differences in proportion. I’ll take a second look at it just to make sure it holds up from all perspectives.

Hopefully, I’ll be getting more updates out sooner now that I’m past the ‘invisible’ part of UV unwrapping.