WIP: Yet another alltaken tree (updated Oct. 27)

I saw a couple of the other ones in the finished projects thread and figured I’d give it a shot as well.

Image Here

hey cool… by the way, I forget, does it have to be pure or can I use gimp for postpro?

Some texture and lighting tweaks.


Nice job! The leaves look like little bits of fluff or something, about to blow away. Maybe they’re cotton balls? they look weird. :S also, the background is too dark. hmm the whole scene could be lightened… can’t really see what’s going on out there…
Also, the shape of the tree could be more tree-like? it’s got weird curves and angles… but I’m sorry I’m not sure how to fix that :frowning: except maybe use an LSystem tree.

I really like the way the tree glows! and also I like the mean looking light coming from the well!


Ok, started over from scratch…

I feel a lot better about the modelling and texturing this run, but still not grabbing the mood of Altaken’s original picture.

Any tips would be appreciated.


I think proportions are part of my problem…

hey how did you do the grass? I’m having a hard time with mine.

Static particles.

The grass mesh is basically a donut that I turned into a static particle emitter.

Gave the emitter a tiny normal value, a tiny random value and a tiny -z force to make it bend downward slightly

Gave it a halo material with a small halo size and also clicked on the “halotex” button and added a blend texture…

In the blend textures, I brought up the colorbar, deleted all the existing colors on it and made a green color with alpha of 1. I set its position at .5

Then, I added two more colors with alpha 0 (color doesn’t matter). I positioned them at .45 and .55

Also need to turn on “shaded” so that the particles get their light/shadowing from your other lights.

Hope that helps!

thanks!! I’ll use that as soon as I’m done rendering (again…)

One more update before I call it quits for the day.


lol… ignore the fact that I apparently rotated the hole, so now the chains are mounted to… eh… air.