[WIP] Zelda-like [new blend p2 with arrow keys controls]

Hi !
I’m sebz, student in industrial computering from france!
first post but not first time on blender artists: i’ve been following you since a few month and i find really useful tips for my ambitious game project :smiley: :
i started it 5 month ago, and here is the progress so far:

edit 6/9/2008:blend version 1 here (23Meg)
added: culling system,herbs, waterfall

edit 6/12/2008:.blend version 2 here (21Meg)
added: racoon attacks, fall damages,roll, bonus hidden in grass

edit 6/22/2008:.blend version 3 here (21Meg)
added: improved roll animation, improved attack animation, some special effects when hiting ennemies (grukens only,do not work yet for racoons), started eye animations with bones, and arrow keys controls

edit 6/30/2008:last .blend version 4 here (21Meg)
added: 3D camera control with middle mouse button, fixed some bugs

my guidelines are:
-do a game inspired by “Zelda the wind waker”: an island map, some cute monsters to bust, maybe dunjeons:D
-a wiimote- controlled gameplay: i used glovepie, ppjoy ,and pygame library to get most of data from the wiimote:nunchuk joystik, buttons,raw acc (i’m looking for effective but comprehensible motion-recognition method) more info: just google the software names and you’ll find it
the complete thread is on a french forum:
some pics:
a monster i called gruken (fire gruken, regular gruken, more to come(maybe sand gruken, thunder gruken))

a mad mining racoon :

the main character:

a sailor dude and his sons

the map beginning and the local architecture:

the hero’s ride(not animated yet)


The only crit. I have so far is those first set of monsters don’t look like they fit into the game. The raccoon looks pretty awesome, and so does that horse model. I don’t usually look through games (as there are too many!) but this one I will be watching, it looks pretty cool so far.

Looks good! The monsters do sort of look out of place. And a wiimote control only comes along once in a blue moon…(well, maybe not.) other than that nice modeling!

thank for the replies, have you tried the blend ?
I mention the wiimote controls, but it can be played with keyboard !
(ZQSD for direction, E to lift object and thow them, space to jump) the wiimote controls are not operationnal yet: I have to develop motion recognition which is kindof hard :o
It’s weird you point out the fact that the gruken don’t fit in my game!
maybe its because it was the first monster i designed, or maybe it’s too big?
if you haven’t tried the blend or are afraid of download , you can watch some in-game videos here :

yehaa that’s pretty cool, but I noticed something, can we control the cam (with the wiimote or with the keyboard)?

WOW impressive. keep it going!! 5*

thanks :slight_smile:

you can rotate the camera left/right by pushing “T” and movin the cursor to the sides of the screen ?

and I also forgot , by pressing “X” , Abomb will appear , and you can catch it !

i worked on the horse texture today : buckskin


Wow, I love the progress that you’ve made. It seems your really commited. However from the pics above the horse’s front legs extends a bit far. Back legs seem to look great though.

| Sanguine |

Looks great! The only thing that strikes me as odd is the terrain. I think that you need more details in your terrain and a better grass texture. Other than that, it looks great.

i didn’t animate the horse yet, it was just a test pose to see if the weight paint was acceptable…

The textures on the screenshots are distorted because i didn’t UVmapped them correctly:
but maybe i should detail it a little bit more (it looks reaaally green), but remenber , i want to keep the “wind waker spirit”:


some progress on the map:


meanwhile, i tried the 2.46 version : the “parent to bone” function is great but the “use blender material” is now buggy and the option “generate display list” screws some of my animations
i hope these bugs will be fixed :confused:

Which did you made, top or bottom?

Cause ITS AMAZING either way!

Yeah, you mean the “use blender material” was not showing UV textures even with the button pressed? 'Bout your game the only thing I can say is PIMP DADDY.

top is WindWaker screenshot and bottom is mine :wink:
I hope one day you couln’t make the difference lol

no, the textures were ok but the framerate fall to 14fps with “Use blender material” on : it seems like i’m not the only one to have problems with the 2.46 release

i added and OSD and i guess you knows where it comes from :slight_smile:


some progress on the castle:


from my sketch:

I still dont resolved the rasterizer problem : i downloaded a recent build which solved a UVMapping bug(texture moving ingame)but the problem is the same : the rasterizer is climbing to the roof with blender material…

is there any tracking of this bug?

here is a comparison of the two versions of blender running the same blend…
both with “use blender material” and nothing more than cubes with material.


whoa! this is super cool!

hOW DO you texture it? I NEED TO KNOW! lol

well i have a pen tablet ! + photoshop & gimp :wink:
but to have a really nice overview of the future game , i MUST have blender material activated (that’s why i absolutly want to solve that rasterizer problem):
see the eye-candy screenshot below :smiley: (+ the waterfall and river are animated with UVScroll script)


looks great, but a bit flat. try adding some grass and rocks scattered around. Also some fog at the base of the waterfall could make it a lot more… waterfall-y

Very cool mate XD Looks alot like TLoZ: Windwaker :stuck_out_tongue: /Thumbs Up

Beautiful! Agree with the mist comment above. The textures fit perfectly!