[WIP] Zelda-like [new blend p2 with arrow keys controls]

don’t worry, it’s not the final design :wink: ,i planned to add that kind of stuff later when i will finish an effective culling system (as my map is quite big, and i want to see far away, i had to delete objects when they are far enought from the main caracter/camera)
check this system in my new blend :

download here (23 megs )

ZQSD : direction
E:lift object
space :jump
T: rotate camera
X: a bomb appears
R: shoot ennemies ( not accurate, working on it)

if you try , please report the FPS you’ve got (min and max) and maybe your config…

On my athlon 2800+, 768mb ram and AtiRadeon x1650 Pro 256mb it runs from 35-60fps.
This is realy nice game. Keep working on it.

thanks for the input! :wink:

here is a link to a in-game video for those afraid of download…
by the way, i need more testers to see if the framerate is acceptable on most PC or if i should improve my scripts .

i like your game,and your style.keep working on this game.

hey sebz could you look at my forum on games in progess givee me some ideas?

Wow! That really does show off even better on a video. Can’t wait to see some kind of combat system!

I got mostly upper thirties for framerate, dropping to fifteen-ish when there were about ten bombs exploding ^^ (might chage if I could look other directions?)

but as far as I could tell (after hitting every key on the keyboard), the controls were
-w- make random explosion in midair
-z-spawn bomb from same random spot in air (about thirty feet away from the character)
-e- inch backward a tiny bit

nothing else did anything, including the mouse. I’m very confused…

@Captain Oblivion : is there any errors in the console windows? cause W and Z are the only keys directly assigned to logic bricks.It’s weird you’re the only one to come up with this problem…

combat system is on the way…
check the last version of the blend :
added :

     -hearts and rupees are now hidden in grass (cut herbs with " R" and they will appear sometimes )
    -some improvement on the scripts you should gain a few FPS (be sure you've    checked "vertex arrays" )
    - the Racoon AI is almost complete: got 3 kinds of attack , and damages are applied to the character
   -if you fall from too high , you've got damages and the character get off the ground after his fall
     - a new bush

dowload zelda-like here (21 megs)

the new file works fine (probably was just a random glitch on my end)
the key mapping is… interesting… maybe use the arrow keys for movement? that way us with QWERTY keyboards can play too :slight_smile:
great work nonetheless

Very odd. Now it seems to be happening to me. I can only generate bombs and random explosions. Hmmm?

here’s an interesting thing: just tested the file on windows, seems it works fine on mac but I have the ol’ control/framerate issues on windows. odd.

this problem is really strange: in my script I use the getCurrentlyPressedKeys() function and i have no problem on my XP laptop.
the key mapping is currently randomly made, and i’m making a personal revenge on querty-made games :evilgrin: lol
the problem with arrow keys is that you don’t have much keys around…
i may add a mouse control later (as in my camera control, the orientation of the character will change if you put the mouse on the screen corners)

a new ennemy: i called him “rockafella” ,almost finished



and i’m working on the combat system:

now i’m using an empty parented to the hand-bone of my character,
this empty launches a ray in the sword direction, and every ennemy hit by this ray is damaged
but this system sometimes fails if the framerate is too low…

do you have any idea how to damage the ennemies with the sword? my system works great but i would like it to be 100% effective…

what i do is, i make a separate material for the sword, set a touch sensor for your enemy and when the enemy touches that material it lowers its health

Im having the same problems as Captain Oblivion
And yes, im on windows also.
Looks good though, nice graphics style.

My only other crit, ZQS&D for the movement? :confused:

hi, i’m using a dell notebook with Xp mediacenter and it doesn’t work on it, too… if i press the r button he will “go” a step back… that’s the only movement I have :frowning:

everything rox except for the controls

Great game! I love Zelda games and I have a feeling I’m gonna get addicted to this game. The only problem is the controls were too awkward and I was invincible.

ok , guys, here is an “arrows keys control” version: but remember, this is not the final key mapping !!! i’m just trying stuff before completing the keys (maybe wiimote) interface

so the controls are:

arrow keys for movements,
E to Roll or lift object
R to make a sword move (only one for now )
space to jump
G to spawn ennemies (grukens)
T to rotate the cam with the mouse
X to spawn bombs

I checked the “allkeys” option in the keyboard sensor , and i used the GameKeys module… Maybe it will solve your problems.
if you have any problems, please add the framerate you have and eventually the console errors (there are some at the initialisation of the game but none after the “DEBUT JEU” sentence in the console )

download the last version here

Do you have any ideas for a name. I think it should be called:
Adlez: The waker of the wind.

(In case you can’t tell Adlez is Zelda backwards.

well, for the name , i already have a small idea: “Hyrule’s Legacy” sounds great …

But if you noticed, some zeldas are named from a special object you’ve got in the game:
“the wind waker”
“ocarina of time”
“majora’s mask”
“phantom hourglass”
“oracle of ages”

and each of these objects have a major influence in the gameplay ( stop time , unlock quests,use elements…)
so since i do not have a concrete plot for the story, i can’t really name the game.
However, i do have many quest ideas related to the island itself…

I don’t really want to stick to the zelda games classsic plot (you know,save zelda,kill ganon, and free the world of evil creatures…) ,and the main character is not really like link. And i try to avoid any direct character or ennemy copy from the game .
But i want the gameplay and the graphics as fun as in nintendo’s games, so i’ll copy a lot on those points.
To finish, this is a zelda game without zelda… (sounds stupid but if this game project fail, i would have not ashamed nintendo with a crappy copy)