Wipeout game style handling with Bullet

Hi everyone

I am making a racing game and wanted to create Wipeout style handling. I have made a simple mock up to test the handling but I have a few problems.

Depending on the collision angle the ship will spin. In wipeout ships come to a stop or slow down, and I am struggling to replicate this.

My setup uses a dynamic actor object and static scenery using Fh like material settings. I get better results using a box collision object with collison bounds set that are just larger than the ship. I have also played with the mass settings, but it does not stop spinning collisions.

I have thought about using a force field constraint that pushes inwards from ‘billboards’ that border the track with high damping values. Unfortunatley I cant get the actuator to work. On a test cube with an ‘always’ sensor plus ‘and’ logic the cube just falls to the floor and does nothing. I have tried attaching it to both the cube and the floor with the same result.

So I have two questions:

1: Is there a way of tinkering with the physics so collisions are not so ‘spinny’?

2: Would a force field constraint work as I imagined in this senario? If so, can you tell me how to get force fields to work?

Cheers for your time

  1. Perhaps add a object mass and/or rotation damping.
  2. No idea