Wip's from a newbie

Hey yo!

I’m new here and I wanted to show up with somo wip’s that I’ve been workin’ and I’d love if you guys tell me what you think about it. Thanx

this is an drawing made in 1923 in the “Bauhaus” is an practice and a tribute

the original:

and my recreation:

this is an experimental architectural proyect:

this is a sneak peek of the new Suzanne short film:
it’s a joke

just remenber that all these renders above are not finished

By the colorful description of El Monkey, you must of had a challenging time making your movie.

Your 3D Bauhaus is very nice, looks like the original. Don’t know if Bauhaus is Art Deco, but kind of reminds me of Art Deco. I like Art Deco, nice clean design, very influencial. Do you have any more?

With the bauhaus, would ambient occlusion on and low sampling make it look more like the original?

wow, Bauhaus looks awsome. The comparison is great. I loaded it up on two different windows and it’s nearly exact. The back page of the origional has a drawing on it, and yours doesn’t. Also, somehow you need to make the shadow of the object darker than the triagle, but I’m being nit-picky. It does look great.

Hey, thanx guys!

Don’t know if Bauhaus is Art Deco

Em… Bauhaus was the first and the best design school ever created, it’s the base of what we know now as Grafic design, industrial design and had many influecies in architecture.
I love it!

With the bauhaus, would ambient occlusion on and low sampling make it look more like the original?

Em…I am not using AO, cause I rendered with Yafray. I know that I could get a similar result with it, even get some noise on porpourse, but I am a Yafray user and I can’t help it.

And yeah, I’m improving the bauhaus one, to get a better shadow.
I’ll post it later.