wire frame animation

(tmohr) #1


before spending very long time for rendering a large
animation, i’d like to first render it as a test in
wire frame mode or some other low quality.

What or how (except low resolution) can i do that?

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(theeth) #2

At the bottom of the 3D window, there’s a button that looks like a picture of a sunset. Just change to camera view and Shift-Click on that button.


(humphrey) #3

In the materials window, there is a options for wire frame rendering…

(ray_theway) #4

The wire option in the material buttons works differently though - it does a hidden line rendering (basically all the shading is intact in the final pic, but only the wires are rendered). If you want to do a fast rough draft rendering, I would recommend using the method rendering below (merely because the hidden line rendering takes longer).

(S68) #5

You can render without osa, without motion blur and without shadows on a 320x240…

Or you can go to potato mode and press ALT+A


(humphrey) #6

Yep… Alt-A is really good, just as long as your model isn’t’ toooo complex… I’ve been having to turn subsurf off, just so I can use blender at usable speed :-?