Wire Frame help needed!

I am trying to render my mesh as a wire frame. I’ve tried pressing the wire button on the materials menu but it still renders shaded.

I’ve searched everywhere in the maunual and forums but can’t seem to find a solution or what I am doing wrong.

Using: Version 2.34 optimized

Your help is appreciated.

the wire button in the matirial buttons effects how it appears in the render

the wire option in the object buttons [one is in a menu affecting the draw mode, the other is draw extra [on top of]] only effects the 3d view

Wire rendering is a scanline trick and doesn’t show in ray reflection/refraction. Same as halos.

This will be fixed at some point.


Thanks Theeth!,

I went back and rendered wihout Ray tracing on and got the wire cage render. The weired thing is that I then turned Ray tracing back on (with wire selected) I continue to get the Wire. Now the wire button is working.

This was a blend file done in version 2.32 so maybe it updated to 2.34 when I saved it in 2.34 as a new file.

Either way, thanks again.