wire loop game collision

making a wire loop game ,



i have been struggling all day to make the collision between the ring and the loop work , please can anyone do a test file and show it to others so we learn more about collision , thanks .

btw : what is the difference between collision and touch in the game engine ? , i know about the material and property thing , but is one more precise or something, i have never used touch before !!

help please .

here is the blend !!

please help .


WireLoop.blend (191 KB)

You need to set some sort of bounds, otherwise the default is box, which won’t work.

I set the ring to a dynamic object with damping all the way up. I changed its bounds type to triangle mesh, and set gravity to none.

I added a property to the wire named “loop”, and added a collision sensor that detects when it touches the loop. It ends the object and adds an overlay scene. I’ve attached the file.

Also, I applied scale and rotation to both objects, otherwise the collision would be messed up also. (ctrl+a)

To be honest, I don’t know the difference between touch and collision either. I’ve always used collision, but I don’t know why.


WireLoop.blend (227 KB)

control+a = new idea …

thanks dude :slight_smile: , you are my hero .