Wire Parameters in blender

Is there a similar feature in blender to 3Ds Max’s wire parameters?

We need a little bit more information than that to help you.

What specifically are you looking for?

Wire Parameters in 3ds is that you can connect different parameter to each other. For example the rotation of object A affecting the scale of object B times 10.

In 2.4x this could be done with py drivers, but I’m not sure how it’s implemented in 2.5…

Drivers are still in 2.5. Press N and right click on one of the object’s property fields, such as XYZ location, rotation, and scale, then select “add driver” from the menu. You can go to the IPO window and edit the drivers from there.

you can do far more though, just like in max(like changing shape keys/morphing, based on another input(bone angle etc)…but Shitzel has set you down the correct path…“graph editor” now though, unless I am mistaken, I only animate when I MUST…lol

thanks guys

So wire parameters are available in Blender … this is so cool :cool:. I’ve followed your suggestion so far: Got a driver on X-axis of the default cube and checked-out the Graph Editor. I can’t find anymore parameter to adjust – only the ability to enable/disable their visibility in the Graph Editor. So, :rolleyes: I created a sphere and copied the driver from the cube to it. They both share same driver for X-axis.

Now all that is left is how to actually adjust the driver itself … how do I get there? I’d like to move one along the axis and see an x-axis translation on the other object OR rotate one and see a rotation of same magnitude on the other (about their local axis). The sliders in the Graph Editor raises a tip “Expression: value”. :confused: Hmmm, is this read-only?

I know … I ask too many questions at once. I’m just excited …