wire renders in animations

im looking for a way to render out a wire frame of a character spinning on the spot but im having real trouble finding a good way to do it. at the moment im trying to use the ‘render this window’ however i have no idea how to save the animation out as a video once ive ctrl clicked on it. the option i have is to save a single jpg. does anyone have any idea how or if it can be saved? ive tryed using just uvw maps as a wire frame but the results were not good. and i thought maybe it could b done with compositing, but agian i couldnt get that to work :no:


It saves in your tmp folder as either jpegs or an AVI jpeg.

However, there is a better way, go the materials window, set the material(s) to wire (should be under the part where you can adjust the alpha etc), then render, you should have nice shaded wireframes :slight_smile:

See here for a very good wire frame tutorial.