Wire Shader over Solid one


I’m trying to make a shader, using nodes system. I wouldlike to get a simple and quick result to make that :


I don’t wanna compose or create a mesh with Wire only …
it will be too long for my scene … (near 200 objects)

If you’ve got a solution, thanks to help me :wink:

At the risk of asking a silly question, could the effect you desire be created by going to the Scene/Render Buttons context, Output panel, clicking the Edge button and setting the Eint Edge Setting to about 100?

with Eint to 255 i’ve got some large edge for border objects, i don’t want it.

Duplicate the object, shrink/flatten the duplicate outward a little or scale it, and turn on the wire button(in the material buttons).

This is what I usually do, too, but it obviously has big flaws and does not work everytime, especially if you have multiple meshes and can’t use Alt+S that easily.

If anyone else has a better idea, I myself would like to hear it :slight_smile:



ok thanks, so you don’t have read my question entirely …

i just say :
" I don’t wanna compose or create a mesh with Wire only
it will be too long for my scene … (near 200 objects)"

thx but hat i have done in my screenshot is what you just show me
thank you but i know this technic, i just want to reach time by using a simple shader system (and win some RAM memory by single meshs)

so nobody got idea !

Eureka, I got it.

1). Duplicate the object
2). Set it to wire.
3). Turn Z transparency on
4). Set the Z offset to at least .040.

Your best solution then is to use the script “Save UV Face Layout”, take that .tga to your favourite paint program and touch it up the way you want it, then UVMap it back onto the mesh.


well ok so no solution for the moment (using nodal system …)

with more than 200 objects, i must be stupid to duplicate all objects …

Not really, I have once duplicated more than 3000 objects…now that was stupid…

I think if you want to use the node system functionality may have to be added so you can have a material set to wire and a normal material in the node system at the same time. Because as I found you either have all non wire materials or all wire materials in your node shader.

but i just hope for a way to combie twice shader on one and get backface culling off for wire shader …
or maybe by using 2 renders (on Wire with backface culling off) and other shaded render !!

another try !!!


ok so for the moment there’s a solution

well no, there’s also a mesh copy !