wire size possible?

I am new to blender and i have a question about the wire button in the materal settings. Is it posible to addjust the width an thickness of the lines that are rendered? or is there an other way in blender to work with lines in 3d space that have a width an thickness so the line actualy has volume. (without having to model everything that way)

Thanx, G

I don’t think there is.
The wireframe was never intended to be used as a material or whichever you’d like to achieve.

you may be able to add some thickness by layering wire-frame renders on top of each other in the video editor for example, but as to how else to regulate it any further without ugly results, it’s too late in the night for my brain to work;)

jms has a script called Tesselate and Cambo has one called WireFrame. Both can do it.


I think if you shrink your model the wire will be thicker. and if you do the oposit it will get thiner.

I am not sur But I think

Cambo’s solid wire script is available here:

thank you for the tip and link! it works good! :slight_smile: