Wireframe and shaded faces

Hi this is my first post to BlenderArtists - hope someone can help. I have this surface and I want to have it rendered so that it has a nice smooth (slightly transparent) shaded surface and I wanted all the edges in the actual mesh to be visible in a different color (so it looks like a wireframe material but with the faces in between filled in as well). Any suggestions? It should look a bit like the mesh actually looks in Edit Mode only nicer!



Set your material to an alpha less than 1, and enable Edge rendering

maybe this helps?

I’m not sure how it handles raytraced shadows though, you can select all faces -Xkey - only faces, then extrude the edges very slightly. This way you can use all raytracing options on it.

Or there is the solid wireframe script (but it doesn’t work in 2.45)

Thanks guys, some useful ideas there. This is what I eventually got by using a UV texture of simple white square with a black outline. (It’s a visualization of a gravitational well for my intro physics class). Sadly the radial lines get a bit broad at the edges but I think that’s okay for this one. BTW - I did this by using inkscape to render a plot of y=-1/x and then imported the SVG path of that into blender and spun the line around the y axis. It was a nice quick way of making the plot.