Wireframe character


I got a little problem here.
I modeled a character which I would like to look like with the wireframe modifier.
I can’t use the modifier because the model is needet in a game. When I use it, the model does have about 100k Faces.

So I played around with a texture which is seamless, transparent and looks kind the same.

Question: Is this really the right approach? And is the mapping node the only option to repeat the texture ?(Cycles)
Second question: Does it even make sens to texture it right in blender, when i want to import the model to Unreal 4 engine ?

Hope someone can help me.

Only with sub surface 13k without sub 3,3k

With sub and wireframe
This is what I like to achieve.

there are too many faces here for a game object. what you should do, is to retopo it using surface snapping, which is to say build a lower poly mesh using this mesh as a guide, and then bake the normals of the high poly one to the low poly one using render baking. In order to do that you will need to know UV mapping. And you might want to try some texture painting for the diffuse texture.