Wireframe display in 2.8 hard to read

Wireframe display in Blender 2.8 is much less redable than in Blender 2.79. I try to model things in B2.8 for the recent weeks and I find it more frustrating than in 2.79 - we have plenty of view modes, but the way that wireframe is displayed (in transparent, but also solid mode) makes it a hard experience. Comparison below.


Two steps forward, one step back. :man_shrugging:

not sure where you get that because this is how it’s supposed to look but maybe you changed the settings…reset and see.

Zino, the only difference from your screenshot is the outline (and color). But I am not talking about outline here but about uneven, dotted display of wireframe (look at your screenshot - it’s purely visible) that is very unfriendly during modeling sessions.


u mean the dithering, that has been talked about before, probably will be addressed later on.

How about match the color of the viewport background for a fair comparison? :v:

Well, the difference in lines drawing quality is pretty obvious, background does not change anything here.

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u mean the dithering, that has been talked about before, probably will be addressed later on.

I hope that you are right, for now it is a bad experience (at least: worse than in 2.79).

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2.8 is in alpha u should stick with 2.79 until then.

I started porting over an old project to 2.8 and am struggling with both the wireframe and ‘solid’ view especially When you have edges that are marked as creases, bevel etc it’s no where near the quality of 2.79. We are very near to the first beta coming out and 2.8 really kind of feels very rough around the edges


I succesfully pointed out some glitches of upcoming B2.8 and some of them were fixed thanks to that. We are only weeks from beta stage and I think that is a right moment to point it out, especially that we are talking about the fundation of workflow.


New commit from Clément, but wireframe depth dithering is still creating ugly wires, at least on my laptop.
(Intel HD520)

Wireframe: Extend Xray slider range

This makes it possible to bypass the depth dithering effect at the cost
of less accurate depth perception.


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my point is 2.8 is not ready for full comparison with 2.79 yet and people shouldn’t expect the same experience between 2.79 and 2.8 …this is a whole upgrade and rewrite of systems that happens once in few years ,u think devs don’t know about these issues!! of course they do and there are plenty of them already…it’s just takes time to tackle, even the first candidate release won’t be enough , probably will take many cycle releases before 2.8 becomes stable and polished.


now wireframes dithering when using background images…etc is fixed ,just don’t forget to put X-ray to 0.

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Much better! If we could only get rid of this ugly aliasing…

yeah it would, but i guess baby steps :slight_smile:

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what do you think about this now, a few months later?

actually this is the only thing i have a hard time getting used to in 2.8. :confused: i still find wireframe display and all of this dithering stuff much worse than in 2.79.

Hi, two baby steps today from Clément Foucault:



Cheers, mib


thanks! those recent baby steps really made it a bit better. :slight_smile:

The wireframes in 2.8 actually were anti-aliased at one point, but that and other fancy drawing logic was largely removed. Maybe for performance reasons it was preferable to have the drawing as basic as possible, I do not know for sure.