Wireframe modifier with one material, original with another?

I started playing with the wireframe modifier to try and make a “Tron”-inspired cityscape. Even though the buildings are “wireframed”, they should also be solid, in the sense that you can’t see through them.

Right now, I have a scene with a bunch of building models with the “wireframe” modifier set, with materials that have emission, for a neon-like glow.

What I would like, is to apply a material to the output from wireframe modifier, while applying a “black” material to the original model.

I know that I can do this manually by duplicating my models, applying a wireframe modifier to the duplicate, and a black material to the original. But I would like to be able to continue to tweak my models without having to constantly manage the wireframs manually.

Is this possible?

Note: I can’t use the wireframe cycles node, because it triangulates. Unless there is a way to make it not triangulate?

Add two materials to your object. The first for the object and the second for the wire.
In the modifier setting set the material offset value to 1 to give the wireframe the second material. See http://www.blender.org/manual/modifiers/generate/wireframe.html

So cool! Thank you so much!