Wireframe Per Collection

Is there a way to have two collections is a scene - one displays as solid and the other wireframe? This seems to have been one of the early aims of Blender 2.8, but … I don’t know how to do it.

can you elaborate a little !

how do you assign wire or solid per collection ?

happy bl

The display option is per object and has to be changed for each object

Yeah - thing is, I have a scene with a few hundred objects - about half of which can be deleted. I was hoping a could have a “delete” collection set to wireframe, and a “keep” collection set to solid. I can then slowly move all the objects I need to the “keep” collection, and see what I’m doing.

It’s very interesting. There must be an option for that! I want to make several collections to see as wireframe. Like in lightwave layer system. This must be default in blender. Maybe addon. It will be very useful to use.