Wireframe render problem


I rendered an object with a wireframe material, but some of the edges started to disappear at one point of the animation.

The left image is a normal render (you can see the missing edges). The image to the right is an opengl render of the same frame (the edges are still there).


is the object really huge? if so, you might have to change the distance setting on your camera.

The object isn’t that big, and I already set the clipping end of the camera to infinite, so I don’t know what else I can do. I even tried to scale the whole scene down and it didn’t solve the problem either.

Blend file is not attached to your post

L.blend (439 KB)

Here it is! The .blend file.


Change your camera clipping values. Your Start value is too small and your end value is too large. Use realistic values, it doesn’t like extremes
Images are with your original camera clip settings and changed to 2’ and 1000’


Thanks! That was really helpful.