wireframe rendering idea..

ok… did this by accident but it turned out pretty useful… im not sure if this is a known way to do wireframe renders…

ok here it is… i had unwraped textured the uv map… then when saving it i forgot to turn off the layer that had the uv lines and then when i rendered it it obviously put the lines on the object… tell me what you think…

did you mean there to be an image?

Ive done that a couple times myself, only problem I think is the resolution of the UV

ye i was going to put up an image but then i realized that i had it on a different computer and then forgot to change what i wrote… lol sorry about that…

ok cool… ye… i guess its not the best way of doing it… lol

As Cire said, the resolution of the wires is pretty crappy, I’ve done it a few times as well.

The best way (that I know of) is to make a duplicate of your object, scale it up about 0.1 units and then assign a new material to it and check the “Wireframe” checkbox.

You can get wires with one object by using multiple materials:
That’s for 2.4x but you it also works in 2.5.

yes, definitely use z-offset, and not scaling.