Wireframe renders

I was looking at JamesK’s alienware challenge entry thread and saw a wireframe in the following post.

Click here for the post

Click here to view the wireframe alone

My question is: how can I do this in blender? What I mean is how can I render a wireframe that only shows the parts that would be visible if it were a solid material? Or how can I give an object a solid material (pure white for example) AND a nice wireframe like the one mentioned?

If you just choose wire in material settings, you can see the whole wireframe (even the back of a model that wouldnt be in view if it were a solid material).

I don’t want to have to duplicate the mesh and apply a solid material to one and a wire for the other.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. :slight_smile:

I’d go for toon edges.


Thanks for the reply S68 but I don’t think that is what I’m looking for.

I basically want to be able to render the wireframe but with a solid material underneath (or however it was done by JamesK) just like in the example I posted. I believe JamesK used Cinema4D. I just want to do in blender, what JamesK did in Cinema4D. :slight_smile:

Any other suggestions? If there isn’t a feature in blender that does this, would it be hard/time consuming to implement it?

Once again, thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

You can do that by doing this ( :stuck_out_tongue: ):

  1. Select your mesh and in the Object menu (F7), select WIRE option from the list.
  2. Go back to Edit Menu (F9), and select the Optimal option, for the Sub-D, (if you are using Sub-D’s).
  3. Now render the window with the little Mountain button just to the right of the Layers.
  4. Save the image as you normally would and you have a wireframe render like this one:


Just a note, this one does not have sub-d’s on and is set to solid.


Thanks BgDM. :slight_smile:

It’s close but not quite what I was hoping for. It does show a shaded model with the wireframe, but it isn’t a very good render. The wireframe is all jaggy, and the background is grey.

I’m thinking blender is missing something that these other programs have. Perhaps it’s a special shading option that allow you to do actual renders (F12 renders :P) with a solid material AND clean wireframe. I apologize for being picky. :expressionless:

This might make your day :smiley:

Follow BgDM’s instructions to enable wire view,
add a texture with the [emit] set to bright white,
“render the window with the little Mountain button just to the right of the Layers.” ©BgDM
That’s all! :wink:

i think he means like this

Something like that?

Linked copies of the mesh with a wire material and some zOffset.


ya thats it, cept he mentioned he didnt want to have to dup the meshes, now, if i dup all meshes, is there a way to take away all texs, then make wires like that, without going threw and changing every one of them? and how do you get your camera to always face the same direction? thats very cool


Jlsb: I did that and set the emit to max but as I said before, the wireframe is not a nice looking wireframe, and also there is little control over the wireframe colour. Thanks for the suggestion though. :slight_smile:

Skeletor: In reply to your first post… YES!!! That’s what I mean. :smiley:

theeth: Thank you for the suggestion but as I stated in the original post, I don’t want to make duplicate meshes.

Skeletor got it right with the first image he posted. That’s what I want to do. I could then have control (I hope) over the main colour (the white solid material) and the wireframe colour. It also looks nice. :stuck_out_tongue: This is what I want to do.

I am now pretty sure it isn’t currently possible in blender. So would it be difficult to implement? I’m guessing it’s just a shader option of some sort. :-?

ya, that stuf sure looks sswwwwweeeeeet, but man, duping the mesh’s, is gonna like double the .blend size

Yes it would certainly increase the file size. Also, I don’t want to have duplicate meshes for everything anyway. I hope an option for this could be implemented. I don’t want to have to duplicate meshes. :frowning:

u could just press A, untill everything is selected, and shift D, thats easy, its just assigning all these materials thats difficult.

Feature request perhaps? (for the shader, if that’s what it is that’s used in the examples posted by myself and skeletor) :slight_smile:

3D: Don’t forget that James used Cinea 4D for the first image you posted!
In C4D, it’s a variation of the cel rendering technique.
For Blender the closest thing in current situation is the mesh duplication scheme :-?
Unless someone goes deep underground into Blender’s code to even the score :smiley:

Making instanced copies with Alt-D will not double the file size. With instanced copies, you’ll have to use Object materials and not Mesh materials.
And you can use Ctrl-L -> Materials to link the materials of the active object to all the selected objects.


Yes, I am hoping that, to be able to do the same thing in blender, would be easy to implement. I’m not a coder, so I wouldn’t know. Thanks for your input Jlsb. :slight_smile:

theeth, how do you get ur camera to always point the same direction?

Tracking, duh :stuck_out_tongue:


im basicly a newb (STILL!) how do you set that up?