Wireframe/Solid Hotkey replaced with "Split"

This has happened to me in the past, but I’m experiencing a situation currently where rather than acting as a go-between for the Wireframe and Solid view of objects in Edit mode, the hotkey Z now displays a message stating: “OK? Split?”

Can anyone help with this mild but frustrating/annoying problem?

Try re-installing. I know that the Y key displays the “split” message, although I don’t know why the Z key would do that.

Ah, now that’s interesting.
I believe Blender has taken my keyboard for the German layout. I noticed this just now when adding text: my y and z are switched, and I’m getting umlauts instead of semicolons and apostrophes!

Any advice?

Sounds like it could be a Windows problem; go to the Control Panel and click on “Regional and Language options”, make sure the settings on the first tab are correct. If they are, go to the “Languages” tab, and click on “Details”, the problem might be there.

You are indeed correct, thanks!
For some reason (perhaps the German exchange student we hosted nearly 4 years ago!), there was the option for a German keyboard as well as the desired English option. Odd that only Blender used the German version though… I had no trouble with any other program.