Wireframe still visible in solid mode

Hi guys. I’m very new to Blender so sorry for this really basic question. I’m in edit mode of an object and I can still see the wireframe when I select solid Hasn’t happened with other models. Is there any way I can fix this? Thanks very much.

You haven’t supplied a blend file or screenshot to show us what you see.

In edit mode you will see the wireframe over the object
In the Object properties you have have set the dislay to wireframe
In the properties panel (N) you may have changed the clip start distance from the default value to a very low value.

Thank you for that. I found the answer (provided by yourself actually!) on another thread. The ‘limit selection to visible’ button was switched off. I must have clicked it accidentally when I was selecting faces or something because the object looked fine when I started. Anyway, thanks once again.

This may not be related and since you already solved your problem but I wanted to mention it.

There is also a Maximum Draw Type setting for each object under the Properties->Object tab, if you set it to wireframe then it will never draw that object more detailed than a wireframe (even though that was not your case I wanted to just mention this).