Wireframe style rendering with freestyle


Have you noticed it is very easy to do a ‘wireframe’ rendering with the new freestyle option in 2.67 ? :eyebrowlift2:

Just go to edit mode for your object,
Then select all verticies,
Then Ctrl+E to get Edge menu, then choose ‘Mark FreeStyle Edge’,
Then in FreeStyle Line Set options, Choose option ‘Edge Mark’


Awesome. Thanks for the tip! So much better than creating Cycles or Blender internal materials :slight_smile:

Using this method, with a shadeless white material, it is very easy to create a wireframe matte that can be multiplied on top of the original render.

+1 thanks, cool tip

brilliant and handy trick thanks :slight_smile:

That’s such a great technique, and as you say, simple! Thanks for sharing this!