Wireframe with proximity modifier

Hi everyone!
I’ve encountered a problem with a wireframe modifier recently.
I need it to work with proximity weight modifier to create a wireframe effect only where it touches the trigger object. Instead of that the whole area is with a wireframe effect and when I move the trigger object away the base mesh just disappears.
any ideas?

That is how modifier is supposed to work.
Wireframe modifier is replacing the whole mesh by an another mesh with tubes made of 3 faces at edges location.
Weight group is affecting the modifier by changing thickness of those tubes.
Where weight equals zero, thickness is null -> no wire tube -> no mesh.
Where weight equals one, thickness of wire is the one defined by modifier.

There is nothing more to expect from this modifier.
If you want wireframe inside a boundary and a surface outside of this boundary, you need 2 meshes.
One to produce wireframe and one to produce partially masked surface (can be masked using a mask modifier or a material attribute).

thanks! I got it now.
And the option with two meshes is a good solution.