I need a wireframe of an object I’ve created. The “Wire” button in material settings is not bad, but I couldn’t tune the thickness of the wire. I found a script on blender3d.org [1] to create wire frames. I copied it to my scripts folder, but it’s not available in blender. If I copy it into the text window and exec it it ask some options, but nothing happens. Does someone use this script? How should I install it?

[1] http://members.iinet.net.au/~cpbarton/wire_mesh.py


in case you’re on linux, you might have to put your scripts in your .blender/ folder of your home/username/ directory


Yes, I use Linux. I set the path in blender “File Paths->Python” to /home/andreas/blender/scripts/ and I copied some other scripts (e.g. 3DS export/import) to this directory and they apear in blender. But if I copy the wire_mesh.py to this directory I couldn’t see it. I expect this function in edit mode if I select some meshes and then “Space Menu->Edit” and somewhere there. But there’s nothing with WireFrames. Where should this function located?


forget it. I got it to work… :wink:

Don’t leave us out now: what did you do, exactly?

When someone else, a few months or years from now, finds this thread and reads it to the end, let them have a solution, not a “I found it, [but I’m not going to actually tell you what it is.]” :slight_smile:

I split the main window and seleted scripts window in one. Then the menu “Scripts->Mesh->Solitify Selected Edges (wire)” and it worked. The script asks some questions and then wireframes it.


Grr. My gladness was to early. Now it apears in the scripts window, but I had “wire” still activated, and so I thought it works, but it didn’t I’m currently debugging the script to see why it doesn’t work. There’s a if statement that everytime leaves the script without working on meshes. Could someone get this script to work?


Ok, now I get it really to work. I’ve before to separate (y) edges and then use the script. It’s best to be in edge select mode. Here is a short description. I think this should be linked at the tutorial site on blender3d.org.


But I found a better script for wire frames:

I think this should also listed on the scripts site on blender3d.org. Is here someone who’s responsible for this website? Or should I report this to blender3d.org?


I’m faced with a similar problem and found the script Andreas mentioned. However I can’t find a way to use that script (tesselate8_8j.py) within Blender. I’m using Blender 2.37a on a PowerMac G4 running MacOS X 10.4.2. I hope somebody can help me…

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ps. I must say that I’m far from an expert using Blender.