WireFusion: Problem with textures.


I hope somebody here can help me, since the boards of WireFusion itself are dead.

I worked with Blender 3D to create a 3D model. I’m now using the free version of WireFusion to put the 3D model in a HTML website.
At first I worked with a plain version 3D model - no colors, no textures, etc. - to see if WireFusion would work for me.
I used the manuals provided by the WireFusion compagny itself, to learn how to import, export, put it in the website, etc.

Well, everything worked great and I could see and use the plain 3D model on my website.
But now, I wanted to do the same with a colored and textured 3D model.
I exported the model in Blender as an .x3d and I selected everything so I’m sure all objects would export.
In WireFusion I put a new 3D object on the scene and I leave the options as they are for now.
When I see the preview, all the objects are imported, but not correctly.

There are two mistakes I see - first the arm objects are wrong positioned and a little scaled,
it’s weird, and I can’t find another solution than merge all object together in Blender 3D.
I heard some people say that it’s a bug, so that there is no other solution?

Second, more important, the textures are being displayed - and good, too.
But the colors underneath it don’t! I only see the texture and the rest is white/transparant,
so the 3D model isn’t fully visible. The textures are set transparant in Photshop and Blender,
and the color is set too - to green. In WireFusion, I can see the diffuse is set to green, but
it just doesn’t display it. Does it have something to do with the texture laying over it, even if it’s transparant?
Colored object without textures are good. I’m struck now…

I cannot show a full picture of the model, because it belongs to a compagny I work for…
If you really need a picture to understand or get a better look, please tell me, I’ll see if I can place a part of the model with permission.
And excuse me for any grammar mistakes, English isn’t my first language.

Thanks in advance.

Nevermind on the question.
I solved it by putting a solid background color to my texture.
Apparently transparation doesn’t work with WireFusion/Blender.