Wirehead - Sketchbook.

I’ve got a few things I want to do where I’d love to use Blender + Cycles to model complex lighting arrangements, depth of field, and stuff… but where I just don’t like the look of a rendered 3D final project.

So, instead of Freestyle, I’m trying a workflow where I model the whole thing in Blender and then re-create it as a painterly piece of Photoshop, which also means that I can pretty easily in-paint in a consistent style as well.

I was going over the previous scene with a friend and she wondered what it would look like if everything was less blurry, given that the previous render+paint was done at a fairly narrow depth-of-field (25mm f/1.4 on a 4/3 sensor, a lens I’ve used for many a good shot with my camera) so I rendered more stuff in the same style with a wider depth-of-field:

More rendering tests. Arguably, the checkerboard floor makes it really slow to paint, but I really like checkerboard floors, so I deal.