Wireless Headphones

Hi there.
I am searching around for wireless headphones.
What I want: A small battery powered transmitter as I want to carry it around when I travel, the headphones should cover the ears and the sound should be good.

Reason for this, I do carry headphones around a lot and I often break the wire, which is getting on my nerves.

Been searching around, and most of them have these big tower transmitters that stand on your desk, that’s not what I want.

Anyone have any suggestions, recommendations? :stuck_out_tongue:

bluetooth? I believe there is a new generation of them out now with better quality than it used to be (shit) but I haven’t tried any.
EDIT: as in if you’re thinking for your iPhone/Android it’s given but it will also work with a computer if it has bluetooth… windows will add them as a regular audio playback device.

How’s about NOT bluetooth?


What about Sennheiser? For example, MM550 wireless noise cancelling headphones? This brand is good, I myself use my sennheisers for a long time (but not wireless, I bought them fro iheadphones.co.uk). Of course, the choice of headphones is also restricted by your budget.
Here you can find more wireless headphones. :spin: