Wireless render farm setup


Could anyone help me to setup my render farm using wireless networking method.

These are my equipments:

  1. 6 PCs (Windows 7, i3 CPU 3.1GHz)
  2. 1 wireless router with modem
  3. 6 usb wireless adapter 300 Mbps to communicate with the wireless router (every PCs will be connect with this usb wireless adapter)
    Example: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Belkin+-+Play+Wireless+N+USB+Adapter/9764199.p;jsessionid=827A55D6E2AD3034E95D207EB684AA07.bbolsp-app02-47?id=1218170061272&skuId=9764199
  4. Render farm software - pls advice

Does my equipments meet the requirements?

Pls help me. Thanks.

You should be fine, if you don’t have a DHCP server you need to manually set the IP addresses.

Thanks stuart.t.
Let say 1 of 6 PCs is connected directly via CAT5 cable & act as DHCP server then the other 5 PCs connect via usb wireless device &
the DHCP server sets those 5 PCs with individual IP. Should it be done? Btw, could the PC can be act as DHCP server using usb wireless device?

Secondly, any render farm software is best & easy to setup? or just use Blender itself to create the render farm?