WireLess Router Help

Hi and i need help , i have bought a TP-LINK 108M Wireless Router , and can’t figure out how to establish it , :frowning: , i want to connect to the internet to the laptop via the 1st floor on the laptop , please help :frowning:

i have read the instructions and really were confused with those settinges , there is a lot of new terms too

Seriously, find a tech support forum or call a helpdesk.

Assuming you’re using windows, just click on the task bar arrow in the lower right corner of your desktop. Double click the two monitors with the x over them. Select your wireless network in the menu that appears.

Also, Google.

the hardware drivers don’t have interface :frowning:

In that case, I can’t really help you that much.

Here’s their support page. Give tech support a call.

whenver i enter
htttp:\?.?.?.? as the ip adress (i have masked it) they provide , nothing shows !! :frowning:

please , … help :frowning:

i will try to email them :slight_smile:

Yeah - you have to careful with technological stuff at times. When you buy something, it pays to do your research first. I’ve got a three year old laptop, it’s got everything I need, and more. So I don’t go around buying gadgets for it.

3dguru, if you haven’t found a solution yet, I can try to help you. this forum, however, might not be the proper venue for that content. If you are interested we can communicate via PM.

it was that the cord was connected to the lan instead of the connecting 4 ports !!! , the manual graph wasn’t clear at all …

allright , gone to the control panel and actually didn’t work , whenever connect it doesn’t obtain an IP adress … , i will post an image …

non of the static and dynamic ip obtaining metods work , … :frowning: , tried a lot …

try near to the router first; I read on the site info that your Wireless Range Indoors up to 200m, Outdoors up to 830m. not bad! (our is 500m Outdoors!)
Look in your wireless Security if your laptop dont see it or your Wi-Fi is not up to date, are your ports open to get to the router or you maybe missed a step some where! by the way I read that some users with the same model (tp-link) that they cant get it to work.
I think there right ! call or go get who sale`ed you the router,

we got a Sagem Wi Fi route last year and it did not work, we installed did all they steps,
We called they say do this do that at the and not working ( 8 days of Sh**) at the end we go to them and say `we are not walking out only some one is coming to fix the F*** SH**! we payed for more than 500$ and what nothing not working `` after showing our dark said :evilgrin: one tech guy come with us and the problems was from them! they had to open the net for us plus it comes with a USB Key to get to the router and it needs a other driver to get the router to talk with computers,
Sorry me bad very long text :o , any way go to where you got it make him/her to work it for you. thats the only way you can save time and money! ITs YOUR RIGHTS DODE! :yes:

pleeeeeeeeeeez help !!! …