Just for fun, I’m trying to model a suspension bridge in Blender. Is there an easy way to generate the circular bridge cables from the towers? Or do I just have to extrude a cylinder and make it that way?

EDIT: Hmmm, I was just playing around with the bezier curves, and acheived the effect that I wanted, but it’s only half a circle. Is there a way to change it into a full circle?

Add a Bezier CurveCircle and enter its Object Name in the Curve’s BevOb: field, then scale the CurveCircle to size.


Loaded cables for a bridge have a special shape which can be solved with
a parabola or more precisely with a catenary shape
but this require to do the calculation then assign values to a curve

any example of a script like that

the catenary shape is found in so many places it should already be in one of the menu of blender !