just a material test
click image for larger size

intersting… how do you achieve this ?

Nice treatkor, funky looking render. :slight_smile:

i think it looks nice reversed too: (reversed it and adjusted levels in photoshop)

here’s the blend file with this material and light setup: http://treatkor.com/images/blender/lightbulbthing4.blend


I love this image have set it as my desktop pic really inspiring reminds me of underwater mutant jellyfish/lightbulbs :stuck_out_tongue:

is well cool :slight_smile:

i’m glad you like it. there’s a large 1600x1200 version here: http://www.treatkor.com/images/blender/lightbulbs7.png
if you want it for desktop. :slight_smile:
while playing with this material, i discovered that “fresnel” has an effect on the material even if ray transparency isn’t turned on. i didn’t know that.